Faculty and Staff

Below is a listing of our faculty and staff, along with their location in the school.                                                                 Click on a name to send an email to that person.                                                                                                 

David Krane (Office-201)

Assistant Principal

Office Administrative Assistants
Email office at : mctoffice@abschools.org
Christine Hanley (Office-201)                           
Carol Chytil (Office-201)

Kindergarten Teachers                     Cheryl Beaudoin (110)                     Darsi Tedesco (111)                         Kestrel Dunn  (112)       

Second Grade Teachers                    Kari James (303)                            Heather Matthews (302)                  Jen Pratt (301)           

Grade 5 Teachers                             Amy Jo Conant (210)                      Justin Kessler (211)                       Jillian Short (212)

Special Education Teachers             Isabel O' Connor (218)                    Kasey Conway (218)                          Allison Leahy (304)                           Liza Levitsky (307)                                                           

Visual Arts Teacher                    

Betty Foster (Health Office - 202)    
Reading Specialist                    
Sandra Baron (317) 

Speech and Language  Specialist  
Bethany Ahern (309)  

Kindergarten Assistants
Heather Arthur   (110)
Ingrid Joyce  (112)                                                                  
Third Grade Teachers 

Sixth Grade Teachers

Art Integration Consultant           

Media-Library Program Assistant

Physical Education Teacher

Cafeteria Manager

Math Assistant

Occupational Therapist

First Grade Teachers
 Nancy Wurtz (311)    
Vin Wallack (310)                                                                                  
Fourth Grade Teachers

C.A.S.E. Classroom Teachers

Music Teacher

Educational Technology

Parent Involvement/Community Outreach 
Tracey Smith (Office-201)

School Psychologist

School Counselor

ELL Teacher