Parking & Drop-off/Pick-up

McCarthy-Towne parents who are dropping off in the morning or picking up in the afternoon will enter through the lower parking lot and proceed to the end of the lane. Please form two lines in the parking lot to avoid backups on Charter Road. From there follow the directions of the traffic guard to proceed to the curb area for drop-off or pick-up of students. 

General Parking Information

· Never drive on the front circle or the bus driveway from 8:25 am – 3:45 pm 

· The upper parking lot and 5-minute parking spots are CLOSED during bus arrival and dismissal times. In addition to 11 regular school buses, there are Special Education vehicles entering and leaving the driveway near the 5 minute and handicapped parking area. No other vehicles should be entering or leaving these areas during Arrival Time: between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM and Dismissal Time: between 3:15 and 3:45 PM . If you need to arrive or leave during bus time, please only use the lower parking lot.

· DO NOT pass a school bus - either a large yellow standard bus or a Special Education cab - when the red lights are flashing. Passing a SPED vehicle with lights flashing is the same as passing a regular school bus with lights flashing: it is unsafe and can result in a large fine and insurance surcharge. Drivers have been and will continue to be issued moving violations. The Acton police are not issuing warnings. Violations are mailed if a police car is not present and the bus driver reports the violation. The cost of this violation is $250 plus an insurance surcharge.

· Please park only in numbered spots in the lower parking lot, do not “create” a spot on or next to the grassy areas or next to the fenced in generator. Do not park in handicapped spots unless you have been issued a handicapped sticker or tag. Illegally parked cars have been and will continue to be ticketed. If the PDB parking area is full, use the visitor parking at the Junior High School lower lot. The Administration Building staff has reserved parking. Please do not park in spaces designated for them.

· The speed limit on the school campus is always a maximum of 15 MPH.

· If you have something large to drop off, unload it on the loading dock, park your car in a legal visitor parking spot, and then retrieve your item/s.

· Be considerate - the two “5 minute” spots should be used only for a quick 5 minute errand, for instance to pick up a sick child or dropping off a forgotten item. Do not use these spots during Arrival and Dismissal times, because the Special Education buses will block the area and they cannot be passed.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

- Please be considerate and patient when dropping off or picking up your children. Students should be ready to exit vehicles on the passenger side only as soon as they reach the curb. If you need extra time, please pull beyond the drop off area or park in the lot.

· Students should be dropped off or picked up at the side of the building designated by the signs. Pull your vehicle as far forward as the signs indicate so waiting vehicles can move through quickly. As soon as you drop off or pick up your passenger, drive away so that others may move into your spot.

· Students may not be dropped off earlier than 8:35 am.

· Students may never walk through the parking lot to meet an adult.

- If you (the driver) need to exit the vehicle for any reason, then you need to park in the lot. Students should be able to open passenger doors and unload their own bags.

- Please observe MA anti-idling law that prohibits idling of more than five (5) minutes.

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