"Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child's play.”- Carl Orff

“Only the human voice – accessible to all, free of charge, yet the most beautiful of all instruments¾can be the fertile soil of a musical culture extending to all.”- Zoltan Kodaly

Music at McCarthy-Towne focuses on not only the product of music, but also the process. There are four major ways that students playfully experience musical materials- through imitation, exploration, improvisation, and creation and four different major medias of music- singing, saying, moving and playing. As students are taught new songs, speech pieces, dances, rhythmic pieces and more they are asked to play with the material and explore the different ways in which music can be expressed. This process begins as early as kindergarten, when students are asked to find different ways to keep the beat and continues through sixth grade, where students are asked to take a body percussion piece and create percussion ensemble.      

The McCarthy-Towne music curriculum focuses on the following music standards:







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