School Improvement Plan Goals for 2017-2018

First Goal: Continue to develop and support the workshop model in all classrooms:


A.   Participate in professional learning activities to improve teaching and learning to support the Common Core curriculum

B.    Continue to inform families about the Workshop Model

Second Goal:  To enhance social vocabulary and interactions for all children by continuing to use Responsive Classroom for the school community and by adding training from the Social Thinking curriculum.


We will take a pro-active, educational approach to creating a positive social environment that fosters respect and compassion for all. We will set school community-wide expectations and norms including both adults and children.


Third Goal: Continue to explore and implement methods of integrating visual art into the    curriculum at McCarthy-Towne, deepening curriculum understanding and enhancing the social emotional well being of students. To this end, it is important to educate the McCarthy-Towne families and community about the value of Art Integration in the classroom, and to ensure that all faculty understand the importance of art integration and know how to best incorporate art into both the academic units of study and the social/emotional work of the classroom.


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Nov 18, 2016, 6:33 AM
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