Physical Education

McCarthy-Towne Physical Education Philosophy

The physical education program at McCarthy-Towne is designed to increase mutual support and trust within groups and to develop individual self-confidence, leadership, physical skills, cooperation, and physical development. Students participate in small-group games, large-group games, creative movements, equipment exploration, fitness activities, sport skills. They integrate other subjects with movement, and try a variety of Project Adventure activities. Units and activities are selected and adjusted to match the needs and development of each particular age group.

A typical day in physical education may look like...

  • Kindergarteners doing range-of-motion warm-ups. They move various joints in circles. This could be ankle circles, trunk circles, or arm circles.
  • 1st Graders meeting in the middle circle listening to the plan for the day. It could be a math lesson mixed with bean bags. They throw them, estimate how many steps away they land, count the actual steps, and figure out the difference.
  • 2nd Graders exploring all the different ways they can use a hula hoop, besides around their waist. Some may be rolling, spinning, balancing, or even using it like a jump rope.
  • 3rd Graders playing a parachute game called Sharks and Lifeguards.
  • 4th Graders exercising in a fitness circuit using jump ropes, medicine balls, step-aerobic steps, strength bands, and an agility ladder.
  • 5th Graders trying to solve a cooperative challenge called Escape from the Chocolate Factory.
  • 6th Graders belaying each other in belay teams on the climbing wall.