School Council

School Council Responsibilities

The McCarthy-Towne School Council provides three useful functions:

  1. It increases communication within the school community;
  2. It provides a forum for a small group of faculty, parents, and community representatives to discuss issues, thorny problems, and difficult situations;
  3. It provides oversight to certain school-wide projects.

The job of the School Council is to decide how student, faculty, and parent concerns may be handled, and to recommend the appropriate group or individual to do so. It serves as a forum to identify and discuss issues and problems and refer them to the appropriate group or decision maker(s) for final determination. The faculty, PTSO steering committee, subcommittees and Student Council provide the mechanisms for accomplishing whatever needs to be done.

In some Massachusetts communities, the School Councils receive funds directly from the School Committee to help finance projects that will improve the learning of students in their schools. The School Council requests that the AB Regional School Committee set aside $5,000 for each School Council to fund special projects to help each school attain its improvement plan.

School Council Meetings

The McCarthy-Towne School Council schedules five regular meetings during each academic year. These meetings usually occur in October, November or December, January or February, March or April, and May or June. Other meetings may be added if necessary.

One part of each meeting is devoted to hearing concerns from the faculty, the parents, and the Student Council. Another part is to hear how work is progressing on the School Improvement Plan. Each meeting usually focuses on one r two of the School Council's goals. A third part of each meeting is set aside for discussion of any other issues.

School Council Membership


David Krane, Co-chair

Parent Representatives:

Tracey Estabrook, Co-Chair
Laura Krieger
Kerry Lewis
Deanna O'Donnell

Faculty Representatives:

Cheryl Beaudoin
Noreen Cohen
Kate Gibalerio

Community Representative:     

Nancy Kolb   

Schedule of 2015-2016 Meetings:

October 9

November 6

January 8

March 4

April 1

May 6

            * All meetings are held at 7:00 AM in the McCarthy-Towne Conference room, off the Library. *                                                                                  

Meeting MInutes