Language Arts

The kindergarten classroom is a print-rich environment, which provides ample opportunities for exploration of the written word.

On a daily basis, students are active participants in a wide variety of language-based activities, including fiction and non-fiction read-aloud, choral reading, reciting poems, singing songs, and reciting chants. Children also begin to identify story parts through retelling and sequencing events.

Pre-reading skills are developed through phonemic awareness activities that provide students with a strong understanding of letter/sound connection.

Language arts are integrated into all aspects of the kindergarten curriculum, providing students with numerous opportunities for listening, dictating, labeling, and journal writing.


Illustrative Mathematics is a problem-based core curriculum for 21st century learners designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all, preparing students to solve problems, reason, communicate, and think critically in the classroom and beyond. Students engage in activities using manipulatives to reinforce and further develop an understanding of several key math concepts, including:

  • number sense
  • geometry
  • non-standard measurement
  • estimation
  • sorting and classifying
  • graphing


Students are exposed to experiences and lessons, allowing them to explore, predict, design, observe, classify and compare, record, describe, and report on topics and big ideas such as:

  • Living/non-living things: Bears, Ladybugs, Penguins, Flowers/Plants
  • Balls and Ramps
  • Float and Sink
  • Seasons
  • Nutrition

Social Studies/Geography

Students will explore differences/similarities between themselves and others while learning some of the basic concepts of all the major strands of social studies. Some of the topics presented include:

  • Myself and Others: Similarities and Differences
  • Me on a Map
  • Medieval Times
  • Mexico

Related Studies

Students engage in center-based learning, participating in many activities based upon the specific unit. Children demonstrate their knowledge through art, math exploration, literacy activities, dramatic play, and science and social studies activities. Students are encouraged to appreciate diversity and to honor and respect each other and the world around them.



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