Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

McCarthy-Towne is a community of learners where children, teachers, and families work cooperatively to encourage individual growth and success in a changing world.

The teachers at McCarthy-Towne School use activities and lessons that encourage independence and nurture enthusiasm for learning.

In particular, the McCarthy-Towne faculty strives to:

--Enable students to be successful. 
--Recognize students' different strengths, needs and styles. 
--Challenge students' different types of intelligence and expand students' joy of         learning. 

Our Philosophy

Everyone at McCarthy-Towne is considered both a student and a teacher. Integrated curricula and thematic approaches stress cooperation, active participation, and experimentation. Asking questions is considered as important as giving answers; teachers and students value the process of learning. Students' individual needs, personal strengths and learning styles are always supported.

Children are given the responsibility for learning independently, solving problems and making decisions. They are encouraged to take risks and are acknowledged for their unique talents, skills and ideas.

Teachers and parents are expected to be part of the decision-making process for running the school and exploring new possibilities. They readily try new things and risk failure in order to learn and grow. They want the school's environment to be welcoming, friendly, and safe. McCarthy-Towne values risk taking, collaboration, persistence, flexibility and trust.

Observation of Important Practices:

At McCarthy-Towne, we believe that all work is valuable. Different types of students' work are displayed everywhere throughout the school. The displays show that students' work is important. Teachers display classroom projects so the entire school community can view and enjoy the work. Students exhibit knowledge about, and pride in, the work they are doing. Teachers emphasize activities and experiences that promote a careful thought process

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