Sixth Grade

English Language Arts (ELA)

Each ELA unit includes small book groups, read aloud, word study, and a variety of writing assignments. The units are thematically based and integrate both reading and writing skills. Students focus on:

  • the characteristics of various genres, including poetry, historical fiction, fantasy, traditional literature, realistic fiction, and nonfiction
  • identifying theme, character traits and development, and archetypes 
  • building existing skills of identifying and analyzing the basic facts and the main idea of the text in order to support their own interpretations with higher order thinking skills
  • improvement of organization, development of ideas, and use of detail and word choice in their writing

Many reading and writing skills will be integrated into other subject areas as well.


Illustrative Mathematics is a problem-based core curriculum for 21st century learners designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all, preparing students to solve problems, reason, communicate, and think critically in the classroom and beyond. Topics studied include:

  • Data collection and graphing
  • The structure of number systems
  • Fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Number operations, square roots, exponents, factors, multiples and primes
  • Geometric properties, patterns, shapes, and relationships
  • Measurement, scale, area, perimeter
  • Algebraic thinking
  • Directed practice in open response methods and problem-solving strategies
  • Integers


  • Thinking and Acting Like a Scientist
  • Energy and Engineering for the Future 
  • Oceans, Atmosphere and Meteorology
  • Climate and Global Climate Change

Social Studies/Geography

  • Archaeology
  • Early Humans
  • Ancient Civilizations (The Fertile Crescent Region, Egypt, Greece and Rome)

Related Studies

  • Human Growth and Development and Health Education with an emphasis on the endocrine system
  • TCM (Together C.A.S.E. and McCarthy-Towne), student buddy program

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